Patagonia pepper, whole

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The South American region of Patagonia is divided by the Andes into 2 large landscapes - the... more
Product information "Patagonia pepper, whole"
The South American region of Patagonia is divided by the Andes into 2 large landscapes - the steppe-like and low-precipitation plateau of Eastern Patagonia, which belongs to Argentina and is known as the Pampa, as well as the part of Western Patagonia belonging to Chile with a humid and cooler climate and a temperate, evergreen rainforest. In the middle of this lush forest, between the Pacific Ocean and the Andes, one finds the Magellanic Winter Bark, which belongs to the botanical group Drimys. Drimys winteri is a sacred tree of the Mapuche Indians, the only indigenous people in America who for centuries managed to elude colonization by the Spaniards and preserve their independence. The bark, leaves and fruits of the plant were used by the people for numerous applications in healing medicine and in many ceremonies. The tree is the symbol of the medicine men. Seafarers used the plant parts, which were rich in vitamin C, to prevent scurvy. These evergreen shrubs can reach heights of up to 20 metres. The bark of these shrubs has a strong aroma, very similar to the bark of cinnamon. The white flowers smell of jasmine and ripen to bluish berries which are harvested between March - May. And these berries have it all. Only pleasantly sweet-fruity tasting with a hint of cinnamon, the berry surprises a short time later with an insidious spiciness and a slight numbness on the tongue. Anyone who feels reminded of Tasmanian pepper here is on the right path. The plants from Tasmania and Papua New Guinea, which once belonged to the Drimys group, now belong to the Tasmannia genus. Just like Tasmanian pepper, Patagonian pepper is only conditionally suitable for grinding in the pepper mill. We recommend that the required quantity be freshly mortared or coarsely chopped with a knife shortly before use. Patagonian pepper goes well with dark meat and poultry, game and stews, dips and chutneys. With its sweet notes, pepper harmonises wonderfully with exotic fruits such as pineapple
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